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1kg Turkey Steaks

1kg Chicken Fillets

1kg Diced Beef

1kg Minced Steak


Fuel Your Body the Natural Way!


Introducing the Malpas Farm Shop Protein Pack – a carefully curated selection of premium meats designed to invigorate your meals and support your nutritional needs. Packed with high-quality proteins that are essential for muscle growth, repair, and overall body maintenance, this pack is an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts, families, or anyone keen to embrace a protein-rich diet.

What's Inside:

  • 1 kg Turkey Steaks: Lean and flavorful, turkey steaks are an excellent source of low-fat protein.
  • 1 kg Chicken Fillets: Tender and versatile, our chicken fillets can be the star in numerous dishes.
  • 1 kg Diced Beef: Perfect for stews, curries, or stir-fries, our diced beef is rich in iron and amino acids.
  • 1 kg Minced Steak: Ideal for burgers, meatballs, or classic dishes; enjoy the richness of our high-quality minced steak.

The Power of Protein: Protein isn't just for gym-goers; it's for everyone. As one of the vital macronutrients, protein plays a crucial role in:

  • Building and repairing tissues
  • Making enzymes and hormones
  • Maintaining strong bones and healthy skin, hair, and nails

Ensure your body gets what it deserves with our premium selection of meats.


Special Offer: Double up and reap more benefits! For every two Protein Packs you purchase, you'll automatically qualify for a FREE 2kg pack of chicken. That's more delicious protein to enjoy and share with your loved ones.


Bring farm-fresh quality to your table with Malpas Farm Shop's Protein Pack. Order today and embark on a flavorful journey while prioritizing your health! 


Protein Hamper

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