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16 to 20 oz T-Bone Steak


Product Description:


Experience the ultimate in steak perfection with our 16 to 20 oz T-Bone Steak, a true classic for meat connoisseurs. Combining the best of both worlds, this premium cut features a tender fillet on one side and a flavoursome sirloin on the other, separated by a T-shaped bone that locks in all the succulent juices.




    •    Generous Size: Each steak weighs between 16 to 20 ounces, providing a hearty meal.

    •    Premium Quality: Sourced from the finest cattle, ensuring superior taste and tenderness.

    •    Versatile: Perfect for grilling, pan-searing, or broiling to your desired level of doneness.


Special Offer:

Get this delectable steak for just £20, or take advantage of our special offer and buy 3 for only £55.


Why Choose Our T-Bone Steak?


    •    Unmatched Flavour: The unique combination of fillet and sirloin offers a rich, beefy taste with every bite.

    •    Perfectly Aged: Dry-aged for optimal tenderness and enhanced flavour.

    •    Exceptional Value: Enjoy a premium steakhouse experience at home without breaking the bank.


Elevate your dining experience with our 16 to 20 oz T-Bone Steak. Whether for a special occasion or a delightful everyday meal, this steak is sure to impress.


Order now and treat yourself to a true steak lover’s delight!

16/20oz 28 Day Aged T-bone steak


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