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Discover the culinary delight of Malpas Farm Shop's 2.5 kg Slow Roasting Beef Joint.


A cut of meat that promises a hearty and flavoursome meal.


Our beef joint is renowned for its succulence, rich marbling, and depth of flavour. Perfect for those special Sunday roasts, this generous cut is designed to tenderly melt in your mouth, leaving a lasting impression on your palate.


Cooking Suggestions:

  • Classic Roast: Preheat your oven to 120°C, season the beef generously with salt, pepper, and herbs, and roast for approximately 5 hours. For a perfect finish, sear the joint in a hot pan before roasting to lock in those delicious juices.
  • Braised Beef: Cut the joint into large chunks, brown on all sides, and slow cook with root vegetables, red wine, and beef stock in a tightly sealed pot. Let it simmer gently for 6-8 hours for an irresistibly tender stew.
  • Smoked Beef Joint: For the barbecue enthusiasts, smoking the beef joint over low heat for several hours will infuse it with a unique, smoky flavour that's hard to resist.


With Malpas Farm Shop's Slow Roasting Beef Joint, every meal becomes a special occasion. Indulge in the quality and taste of farm-to-table goodness. Perfect for family meals, holiday feasts, or simply when you want to enjoy something extraordinary.

2.5 kg Slow Roasting Beef Joint

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