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Minted Lamb Chump Chops (1kg) - £15


Enjoy the rich and succulent taste of our Minted Lamb Chump Chops, perfect for any BBQ gathering. This 1kg pack is meticulously selected from premium lamb, ensuring tender and juicy chops with a delightful mint infusion. Each chop is expertly marinated to bring out a burst of flavor that will tantalize your taste buds and elevate your BBQ experience.


Reasons to buy:


  • Premium Quality: Sourced from the finest lamb, ensuring tenderness and superior taste.
  • Mint Marination: A refreshing mint infusion that complements the natural flavors of the lamb.
  • BBQ Ready: Perfectly prepared for grilling, making your BBQs hassle-free and delicious.
  • Generous Quantity: 1kg pack, ideal for sharing with family and friends.


Cooking Instructions:

  • Preheat your grill to medium-high heat.
  • Place the chops on the grill and cook for 4-5 minutes on each side, or until desired doneness.
  • Let the chops rest for a few minutes before serving to lock in the juices.


Serving Suggestions:

Pair these Minted Lamb Chump Chops with a fresh garden salad, roasted vegetables, or grilled corn on the cob. Add a touch of extra mint sauce or yogurt dressing for a mouthwatering meal.


Storage Instructions:

Keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days of opening. Suitable for freezing if needed.


Enhance your BBQs with the exquisite taste of our Minted Lamb Chump Chops. Order now and indulge in a deliciously minty lamb experience for just £15!

1 kg Minted Lamb Chump Chops

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