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1/2 Horse Shoe Gammon (2-2.5 kg) - Only £19.99


Indulge in the rich, savoury flavours of our 1/2 Horse Shoe Gammon, weighing between 2 to 2.5 kg. Perfect for any occasion, this succulent gammon offers a delightful culinary experience at an unbeatable price of only £19.99.


Whether it’s a Sunday roast, a special celebration, or a midweek treat, our gammon promises tender, juicy meat that’s sure to impress. For the ultimate dining experience, we recommend pairing it with our Cheshire New Potatoes and generous lashings of salted butter.


Shop in-store today and elevate your meals with this delicious combination.




    •    Weight: 2-2.5 kg

    •    Price: £19.99

    •    Perfect for roasting or grilling

    •    Recommended pairing: Cheshire New Potatoes and salted butter


Visit us in-store and discover more delightful pairings to complement your gammon. Enjoy quality and taste that bring people together, only at our store.

1/2 Horseshoe Gammon 2-2.5kg

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